Epsilon Lambda Omega Sorority, Inc was two dreams combined in one.
It began with  believing that there should be something offered at community colleges.
Even though you may not attend a four year college or you might not have to go to a four year college. 
An individual  should be able to have that experience of being at a four year college.
They should be able to experience teams, clubs, building life long friendships and so much more.
She felt that her community college could experience something great and that she could show her town or residence that they had some great things to offer in her community. But why stop there? It was thought we can just make this for the community in general and that how it all started. Monique then shared her idea with Nicole who shared a same passion and wanted to change the world also by helping battered women, helping children receive all the education that they could obtain, and receiving the leadership that is deserved.

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